Let Me Introduce Myself...

Hi, I'm Chuck E.

Poet-Dreamer-Thinker! I do not consider myself a writer per se but I am a great

storyteller. I am a member of several poetry organizations and I have even won some

awards for my poetry like the ones below.

I would like to take a moment to thank each and everyone who bestowed upon me

their wonderful awards. I also have been published in a few anthologies

and in the press a couple of times. Anyhow I built this website to show my various works.

One of those being"The Chuck E. Collection."

It is a collection of poetic poems, short stories and tall tales accumulated over the years and

from this I have made a few chapbooks of various themes.

I have posted poems from these works for your enjoyment

and/or for you to purchase if you are so inclined. Be looking for further

updates from "The Chuck E. Collection." E-mail me with your questions or comments at


Please come back soon and visit "The Collection!"

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