Sample Poetry From The Chapbooks


These selections of poems are from each of my chapbooks.

Of which I will update periodically. I think they are self-explanatory.

So enjoy!

This selection is from


"See The Mask In The Mirror"

The Mask

The Mask Of A Clown

With A Lone Tear

Cascading Down Its Colored Cheek

Such A Sad Sight

For I See My Reflection

Staring Back At Me

With The Whole World Laughing At Us

Everyone Thoughtly Amused

Except For Me And My Clown

This selection is from

"Savage Soul"

"A Two-Way Street"

I Am Fire

And Water

I Am Mother Earth

And Father Time

I Am The Sun

And The Moon

I Am Various Personas

All With Many Masks

Shielding The True Self

From Ever Being Seen

Except For You

For You Know

The True Me

Is Not What They See

Only You Understand

Who I Am

I Am For You

As You Are For Me

This selection is from

"A Rainbow Of My Mind"

"Everyday Evolution"

Testing The Bounds Of Reality

Pushing The Reality Of An Existence

Making An Existence Extreme

When No Extremist Is Needed

To Experience An Experience

At Least One Per Day

It's An Everyday Evolution

Where We Constantly Evolve

This selection is from

"Lovesick Lines"


Do You Feel The Same

No One To Blame

My Soul Burns

As I Toss And Turn

Heart Has Succumb

Brain Is Numb

My Lips Cry Out Your Name

My Life Will Never Be The Same

Like The Pounding Sea

Our Love Will Always Be

This selection is from

"Hours Into Days"

"A Final Farewell"

Lovers Family

And Friends

All Have Gathered

To Pay Homage

To The Person

You Were

You Are No Longer

With Us

Yet A Part Of You

Will Always Remain In Our Hearts

Well After

Our Final Farewell

This selection is from

"Now That's Just Plain Silly!"

"Daily Duty"

As I Awake From The Dead

On The Sunny Side Of The Bed

I Say Hello Alienation

And Then I Put On A Pot Of Resurrection

While I Turn On The Mass Destruction

I Wait To Watch The Weather

In Order To Wear Whatever

Then With Time Spent

Out The Door I'm Sent

With My Game Face On

I Tackle My Agenda At Dawn

So I Can Be Master Of My Domain

Yet As I Step From My Morning Train

I Realize That It's All In Vain

This selection is from

"Falling Pain"

"Dying To Live"

You Must Die Many Deaths

Before You Can Cry Over The Life You Live

Even Though You Truly Understand

The Pain You Are Receiving If Any That Is

For The Pain Pleasure Principal

Is A Contrast In Comparisons

Good Triumphs Over Wickedness

In A Quest For All That's Proper

Remember These Words Before You Complain

Take The Time To Think About Them

You Must Die Many Deaths

Before You Can Cry Over The Life You Live

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